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Jenny Finn #3 Review

God damn, Mignola and Nixey amp up the weirdness to 11 in this issue.

Mike Mignola, Troy Nixey and Troy Nixey
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Mike Mignola is a genius. The guy has created an incredible universe with the type of weird and strange that audiences love more than ever. He’s also quite good at creating creation stories and Jenny Finn continues that trend with strange supernatural goings on in old London.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

The death toll continues to rise as the tentacle plague sweeps through London, and slop yard worker Joe tries to flee the city after being haunted by visions of cursed young Jenny Finn, but everyone from a local painter to the Prime Minister is searching for him to try to get to Jenny.

Why does this matter?

There’s a strange, unnerving nature to this story that horror fans can’t get anywhere else. There’s also a bit of a mystery and a uniqueness that should pique the interest of even casual comic readers. Troy Nixey continues to plot and draw a great series too.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

It’s olden times, ya’ll.

Jenny Finn and her powers have been revealed to us in the last issue and she is a very strange character indeed. It appears Nixey and Mignola want to remind us there are a lot of strange characters in this universe, with this issue showing more of the weird Prime Minister and other characters who belong in a cuckoo house. It’s not until this issue that we get a taste of a supporting cast that suits the story. Take for instance a odd little girl who does portraits, or a doctor who is obsessed with cutting at people to find a strange disease. There are some freaky people here, and not just because of the freaky stuff they have to interact with. When an army of underwater JIM suit wearing soldiers show up you’ll fully immerse in the strange.

That strangeness wouldn’t be as effective without Nixey’s deft hand on art. The doctor, for instance, has a strange haircut and pale sickly skin that’ll give you the creeps. The little girl has no eyes that are visible and instead has a smudged face that’s one of the nightmares. The tentacles and fish bits appear again too and god does it freak me out. The colors by Dave Stewart continue to give these images a coat of age and coldness that suit this story. More than once I’ve read this series and thought Tim Burton should direct the film as there’s a sheen of creepy that only he could match with this creative team.

What a freaky looking dude.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Though it’s probably on purpose I was left confused and unsure where the next issue is going. We don’t have enough information on the Prime Minister and his army–or his intentions–so we’re left wondering why any of this is happening rather than what could happen next.

Is It Good?

God damn, Mignola and Nixey amp up the weirdness to 11 in this issue! The supporting cast gets a nice focus as we learn Jenny Finn is a weird one living in a weird world.

Jenny Finn #3
Is it good?
A solid third installment ramps up the weird.
Multiple supporting characters get the focus and they sure are strange
The art and color continue to support the weirdness
The issue ends leaving you perplexed on where we go from here

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