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Who else is returning from the dead after ‘Phoenix Resurrection’? Let’s connect the dots

So… who else is returning to the X-Men’s world following Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey?

Wolverine returned in Marvel Legacy #1. Professor X returned in the current run of Astonishing X-Men (Kinda? Sorta? Sure, whatever). And Jean Grey returned in Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey, naturally. So, wouldn’t it make sense for Marvel to get adult Cyclops’ resurrection out of the way, too? It sure seemed like that was what was going to happen as soon as readers saw that surprising final page of Phoenix Resurrection #1.Since then, however, we’ve seen writer Matthew Rosenberg populate the miniseries with more dead X-Men, from Banshee to Thunderbird. Who we haven’t seen again is small-town Scott Summers there–a crushing blow to readers who wanted to know whether Jean accepted that lovely bouquet.

Three issues into Phoenix Resurrection, it’s pretty clear this miniseries is about bringing adult Jean back. Not Cyclops. Not Banshee. Not Caliban. When you think about it, that would be pretty weird if everyone who ever died in an X-Men comic suddenly reappeared.

With that said, there’s been some newsworthy online activity that suggests another dead mutant could return once Jean settles back into the Marvel Universe.

I’m, of course, talking about Jamie Madrox: The Multiple Man. Like Scott, Jamie appeared in Phoenix Resurrection.And like Scott, Jamie met his demise in the Death of X miniseries. Damn M-Pox. Thanks, 20th Century Fox. Err, I mean, Inhumans!Multiple Man knows how good death can be for his career, as he died way back in 1994’s X-Factor #100, only to return years later and have a character renaissance under the guidance of fan-favorite writer Peter David. Turns out it was one of Jamie’s “dupes” who contracted the Legacy Virus and passed away.

What’s with Jamie always contracting these killer viruses?

On January 14, Bleeding Cool reported that Marvel Comics recently registered the “Multiple Man” trademark. Now, does this move signal the launch of a new Madrox-focused comic series, or is this tied to the news that Fox is developing a feature film based on Multiple Man?

For those who are out of the loop, this past November, Deadline broke news that Fox was developing a Multiple Man film with Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg, X-Men film producer Simon Kinberg and James Franco, who would star as the mutant hero. Since Deadline’s story, Disney has acquired Fox’s X-Men assets and Franco has become the latest celebrity to face accusations of sexual misconduct. Let’s face it, we probably aren’t going to see this movie anytime soon.

That leaves the possibility of a new Multiple Man comic series. On January 8, X-Men editor Mark Paniccia fielded fan questions on Twitter. There was this exchange between Twitter user @RedClops123 and Paniccia which, in light of Bleeding Cool’s report, seems to make a Marvel Legacy Madrox return all the more likely.Hm… as I stated above, it seems unlikely Cyclops is going to make it out of Phoenix Resurrection with his ex-wife. But a character like Madrox, whose mutant power basically ensures a built-in get-out-of-death-free card… seems like Paniccia and Bleeding Cool pretty much confirm that’s what we’ll be getting soon.

And, of course, adult Cyclops will return. We all know that. But we’re more likely to see Multiple Man and all his dupes back in action first.

What do you think? Discuss in the comment space below.


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