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Explosive Trump tell-all ‘Fire and Fury’ will be adapted into a television series

Author Michael Wolff will executive produce the project.

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House looks to be making the transition from an explosive tell-all book to a full television series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Writer Michael Wolff made waves earlier this month when Fire and Fury was released a week early, amid what the publisher called “unprecedented demand.” Wolff spent nearly every day for a year inside the White House with a shocking amount of access to the Trump administration — in Wolff’s own words, it was as close to being a literal fly on the wall as possible. Direct quotes are published from the likes of Steve Bannon, former White House strategist and now estranged friend of Trump and others. The book paints the Trump White House as bumbling, incompetent and malicious, and claims that even Trump himself neither predicted he would or even wanted to win the 2016 presidential election.

THR reports that Endeavor Content has bought movie and TV rights for Fire and Fury. While no studio is attached to the project just yet, Michael Wolff will act as executive producer, along with former BBC executive Michael Jackson.

Donald Trump has, as he does with every piece of media he personally disagrees with, slammed the book as “fake news,” and “really boring,” and has threatened to sue Wolff and his publisher multiple times. There’s no telling how apoplectic the president will become once these stories reach his favorite medium: television.


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