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Microsoft is resurrecting Fable with developer Playground

Microsoft resurrects Fable with UK developer – eurogamer reports

Price: $26.99

After a week of hints and speculation, Eurogamer reports today that UK developer Playground is in early stages of a new Fable game.

As someone who loved the first entry into the series, and felt like they’ve been trying to capture that magic ever since, I’m cautiously optimistic about this open world RPG on the Xbox. The impact your decisions had, the scarring, the tattooing – all of the character changes that happened from standard play was such fun to experience. The lack of Peter Molyneux is probably a huge asset for them here, as he can’t spout off about acorns becoming trees, and other nonsense.

Here’s hoping they’re taking a big chunk of inspiration from Witcher and Breath of the Wild, and are sticking with the dangerous and creepy setting they implemented so well.




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