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Overwatch/Marvel superhero mashups by Boss Logic

Ever wondered what your favorite Marvel characters would look like mixed with your favorite Overwatch ones?

The following Overwatch/Marvel superhero amalgams by Boss Logic are everything we didn’t know we wanted. But now that we have ’em, let’s take a look:

Cyclops x Soldier 76

Wow. Blizzard has done what Marvel has failed to do for my entire life: they’ve gotten me to like Cyclops. Soldier 76 looks great wearing blue and yellow. So while I normally wouldn’t associate the Soldier with Cyclops, given Cyclops’ recent militant stance, I think I can make an exception.

Iron Man x Genji

Half man. Half machine. Blizzard needs to pay Disney a big ol’ pile of money to make this happen. Although I can’t say I see Genji drinking a martini and chasing skirts around Manhattan.

Ghost Rider x Reaper

This is the best combination of characters thus far. I can’t think of another set of heroes that align as well as these two do and it looks BADASS.

Thanos x Doomfist

Doomfist is already enough of a pain in my ass (I main Mercy). I don’t need him slinging Infinity Gems.

Hawkeye x Hanzo

Well this was an easy one. Better clench up Legolas.

Winter Soldier x McCree

I. Want. This. Skin. Hell I don’t even play McCree and I know I need this. Hail Hydra or Avengers Assemble?

Captain Marvel x Zarya

Captain Marvel’s been spending some time in the Russian Olympic training centers. If you know what I mean.

Want more of Boss Logic’s sick artwork? Follow him on Twitter: @Bosslogic


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