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Overwatch’s new map, ‘Blizzard World’ set to open next week

The newest Overwatch map goes live in less than a week

Epic fun detected. Two months ago we got our first glimpse of the newest Overwatch map ‘Blizzard World’. The response from the community was incredibly positive and for good reason. The map looks simply amazing. Imagine Disney World replaced with Blizzard games and it’s as cool as you’d imagine it to be. Sadly per usual Blizzard left us with the ominous “coming soon”, which with this company could mean anything.

I want to ride Blackrock Mountain first

Thankfully the wait for Blizzard World was much shorter than most of us expected. Yesterday Blizzard announced via the Overwatch twitter account that their newest Overwatch map would be made available to the world on January 23rd.

You can see all of Blizzard’s titles represented in Blizzard World. There’s a Blackrock Mountain roller coaster (love me some Dark Iron Dwarfs), Overlord transport to get you around the park, a Spawning Pool water park and of course the Darkmoon Faire. Players have been able to explore the newest map on the PTR since late December and the entire community will be seeing it live in less than a week.

Blizzard will be announcing a new piece of content each day leading up to the patch release, so be sure to check back for our latest Overwatch updates.


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