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Check out Overwatch’s new legendary Pharah skin arriving next week

The Pharah skin we’ve been waiting on is finally here.

Next week’s Overwatch patch brings over a hundred new cosmetic items, including skins, sprays, player icons, emotes and more. Players will also get to battle across the highly anticipated new map, Blizzard World.

To celebrate the new patch, Blizzard is revealing a new item from the patch each day leading up to it’s release. Today’s item is here and man is it cool.

Asp-Pharah is the character’s newest legendary skin and it’s one that players have been anticipating for some time. The gorgeous new skin celebrates Egyptian heritage and looks amazing while doing it. The Asp is a serpent symbol that ancient Egyptians often associated with royalty, sovereignty and divine authority.

Check out the official Overwatch twitter accounts short video announcement below.

Yesterday’s cosmetic spray reveal was the first look we got at the skin.

In yesterday’s spray reveal post, there were four heroes who didn’t have legendary skins revealed: Pharah, Hanzo, D.Va and Lúcio. It’s entirely possible that Pharah’s new legendary skin is a giant hint for fans regarding the other three heroes. If that’s the case we can expect Lúcio to receive a similar heritage based skin.

All the new items will be available in standard Loot Boxes. Be sure to check back with us for more updates on Overwatch, the cosmetic reveals and gaming.


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