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WWE created retro-style Raw intros with current Superstars and they’re fantastic

The perfect stroll down memory lane.

As the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw looms ever closer, it’s as good a time as any to revel in the nostalgia of the most enduring wrestling program of all time. We’ve already looked back at our favorite moments of the past 25 years, and WWE is having their own fun by recreating the intro videos from each of Raw‘s eras with the Superstars of 2018.

Original intro (1993)

The floating Golden Era logo, the superimposed film reel-style clips whizzing by…this is my childhood in distilled form.

New Generation intro (1996)

This style was significantly slower than the Attitude Era intro or even the ones of the 2000s, with more of an emphasis on slams and throws. Nia Jax doing a Banzai Drop is a great homage to Yokozuna doing it in the original, though.

Attitude Era intro (1998)

This song will never not get me hyped. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Alexa Bliss is not, which makes the beginning feel a little strange, but everything else is pretty spot-on and makes the current show feel a lot more exciting than it actually is.

Ruthless Aggression intro (2002)

Braun’s ambulance to kick things off. Perfect. “Across the Nation” is probably a close second to “Thorn in Your Eye” for hypest wrestling intro song of all time.

No “…To Be Loved”, “Burn it to the Ground” or “Tonight is the Night” yet, but it ain’t Monday yet.

Raw 25 airs live Monday, January 22 at 8pm EST.


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