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CM Punk is getting another chance in UFC

‘He wants to get another shot. I’m going to give it to him.’

When CM Punk was soundly trounced by relative unknown Mickey Gall in his debut UFC fight at UFC 203 in 2016, it seemed highly unlikely that he’d be given another opportunity to fight at that level again, if ever.

However, the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era must have made Dana White plenty of money, because he’s being given another shot. In a recent interview with Associated Press, White said of Punk, "I like that guy. He’s a good dude. He wants one more. He wants to get another shot. I’m going to give it to him."

Though news of Punk returning to the octagon has been nearly nonexistent, he has been spotted training with Roufusport, whose head coach Duke Roufus recently said that Punk has "improved dramatically."

No date has been set for Punk’s MMA return. Says White, "I’m working on it."

If you were for some reason holding out hope that CM Punk would surprise us all at the upcoming WWE Raw 25 celebration, here’s yet another entry in the "never gonna happen" column.


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