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‘Deathstroke vs. Batman’ series from Priest and Carlo Pagulayan slated for April

Deathstroke vs. Batman. Who ya got?

The intricate cat-and-mouse game between Deathstroke and Batman in Deathstroke #4 and #5 and the ensuing showdown between Batman and Robin and Deathstroke and daughter Rose, written by acclaimed comic book writer Christopher Priest, were some of the most intriguing, impressive and suspenseful encounters to come out of the Rebirth era — and there were a total of two punches thrown.

According to Bleeding Cool, we’ll be getting even more clever, calculated clashes from two of DC’s most tactical minds when Deathstroke vs. Batman hits shelves this April:

Hopefully we’ll see more chess-match strategizing and mutual admiration between adversaries; where moves are planned five steps in advance and prep-time is at its finest like this awesome bit from Deathstroke #4:

And less like this encounter from Deathstroke the Terminator (1991) #6-9’s ‘City of Assassins’ arc:

Then again, Batman showed his capability of taking down not only Deathstroke but another of the world’s deadliest assassins, Deadshot, when pushed to the brink in Batman #28 (2016):

Are you looking forward to seeing Priest and Pagulayan bring Deathstroke vs. Batman to fruition? Sound off in the comments.


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