We might have to wait until 2019 to watch the final season of Game of Thrones but according to a recent interview with Peter Dinklage (who plays quick-witted Tyrion Lannister) at Variety’s Sundance Film Festival, season eight is nearly halfway through filming:

“It’s the final season and we’re really taking our time with this one,” Dinklage said. “[But] it’s time. It’s the perfect time to end it. Sometimes shows stay on a little too long, the jumping the shark thing.”

When asked if he was sad to be leaving the role of a character as beloved as Tyrion, Dinklage’s choice of words were eerily similar to what A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin has said of the series’ ending: “It’s bittersweet.”

How will A Game of Thrones end? Will The Night King and Jon Snow finally square off once and for all? Will Cersei remain defiant to working with others (without a plan to doublecross on her agenda) when it comes to the looming threat of the White Walkers? Will Daenerys enact revenge for Viserion and/or have a child with her nephew? Sound off in the comments.

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