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Overwatch’s D.Va is the latest character to tease a new legendary skin

The cutest Overwatch character there is just got a little cuter.

If you’ve played Blizzard games you’ve seen D.Va. She’s easily the most recognizable Overwatch character and is more or less universally loved by players of the game. You see her everywhere on the Blizzard gear store, in their other games, at comic conventions – the list goes on and on.

Thus it’s with great pleasure that I inform D.Va’s adoring fans the good news: our favorite mech pilot is getting a new legendary skin tomorrow, Black Cat D.Va. Rocking pig-tails, cat ears and a black outfit, Black Cat D.Va drops tomorrow, January 23rd, with Overwatch‘s massive cosmetic content patch. Take a look at the new skin via Overwatch‘s official twitter account.

As you can see, the cutest little mech pilot in all the land is decked out in a bow-tie, argyle tights, black gloves and a black dress corset. D.Va’s mech sports a new black paint job, painted on cat ears, a few pink hearts and a “Cat Force” sticker.

Alongside D.Va eleven other heroes will receive new legendary skins, while Junkrat, McCree, Reaper, Zenyatta and Symmetra are getting new epic skins. Eight of the eleven new legendary skins are Blizzard themed, while the other four celebrate the character’s heritage.

There are over 100 new cosmetic items dropping tomorrow and you can get them all via Loot Boxes and the Hero Gallery. We’ll also finally get to take a trip to Overwatch‘s newest map, Blizzard World. Be sure to check back with us for more updates on Overwatch.


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