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Dark Horse and Blakeslee Vineyard Estate to release “Ghost” wine

Powerhouse Oregon companies excited to collaborate with Dark Horse.

Dark Horse is back contributing to the much loved comic properties turned alcoholic beverage race and this time it’s wine. To go along with your Hellboy Whiskey you can now get Ghost wine. This wine is a pinot noir and comes in a black matte collector box. And the art? That’s by comics great Adam Hughes.

You can purchase the wine here.

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (January 23, 2018)–Dark Horse Comics and Blakeslee Vineyard Estate have collaborated to create the 2015 Ghost Pinot Noir, which is available now for purchase at Blakeslee Vineyard Estate Tasting Room in Sherwood, and on their website. Interested parties may also contact the Blakeslee Vineyard Estate Tasting Room directly at 503-625-6902.

The 2015 Ghost Pinot Noir is packaged in gorgeous, black matte two-pack collector boxes. The ethereal art on each wine bottle is by award-winning illustrator and New York Times bestselling author Adam Hughes. The 2015 Ghost Pinot Noir is a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered boxes. The selling price for the two-pack collector boxes is $250.00 (not including shipping).

Ghost’s Elisa Cameron first appeared in Comics’ Greatest World in 1993 and spawned multiple series and appearances over the years. In Ghost, Elisa believes she is dead, a ghost doomed to walk the Earth with no memory of her past life. As she struggles to make sense of her situation, she learns that she is the victim of an experiment gone terribly wrong. Elisa finds an ally who helps piece together her past life and uncover the secret project that suggests she may not be dead after all.

“I’m very excited to work with the Blakeslee family to honor a beloved Dark Horse creation,” said Mike Richardson, Dark Horse President. “Ghost is an important character for Dark Horse and represents a time of growth for the company. It’s a special thing to honor the character and its impact more than 20 years later. Did I mention that the wine in the bottle, much like the character Ghost, is out of this world?”

“This partnership between Dark Horse Comics and Blakeslee Vineyard Estate began as dinner conversation over many glasses of fine wine, and we are thrilled to see this special wine come to fruition,” said Bill and Sheila Blakeslee, owners of the Blakeslee Vineyard Estate. “It has been an absolute pleasure and our honor to develop a gorgeous wine that embodies the characteristics of Elisa and the spirit of Dark Horse. We hope you enjoy our Ghost Wine as much as you have enjoyed the Ghost legacy.”

The 2015 Ghost Pinot Noir is a limited edition collector’s item and is only available domestically in the United States.


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