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Best of Overwatch offense heroes cosplay from around Instagram

Let’s dive into some of the best Overwatch cosplay that Instgram has to offer.

If you’re a gamer then you know what Overwatch is. Heck even if you aren’t a gamer you’ve probably heard of it. The game has surpassed over 30 million active players and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. But should you be one of the rare individuals who isn’t familiar, allow me to catch you up real quick: Overwatch is a multiplayer first person shooter video game with a strong emphasis on teamwork. The game features a wide array of unique characters which results in a lot of fun and wacky team combinations.

Fans of the game are crazy about it and with such a broad selection of heroes to play, everyone has a favorite. People love their favorite heroes so much they decide to take it a step further and cosplay as them. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to visit a gaming or comic convention and not see a multitude of Overwatch cosplayers. That’s where I come in. I’m a massive fan of both Overwatch and cosplay, thus I took it upon myself to dive into the bowels of Instagram and find some of the best Overwatch cosplayers out there.

I’ll be posting four Overwatch cosplay galleries, featuring each of the four types of heroes: Offense, defense, tank and support. Today’s feature: offense heroes!

I have a massive fist of doom! Now I shall melee you with my left hand. That’s right, the small non-threatening one.

Making my life hell ever since I decided to main Mercy.

When you hear “It’s High Noon” and instantly resign yourself to death.

Don’t worry, I’m just as amazed as you all are.

Hey buddy! You were in Coco right?!

I too enjoy the smell of charcoal in the morning good sir.

Oh, please by all means! I didn’t want to use that health-pack anyway.

How is it you manage to stick me and only ME each and every game?


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