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DC says forget nuclear winter, read comics instead

Hole up in your bunker with some fine DC Comics.

The world political stage is more broken and frightening than it has been in generations. Tensions are heightened between world leaders and rogue nations alike, and the nuclear football is in the hands of a semi-literate demagogue whose main goal in life is to prove to everybody how important he is. Just a couple weeks ago, the entire state of Hawaii was under the impression that death was imminent for a full 38 minutes.

In these trying times, DC Comics has a suggestion: Stop thinking about it! Read their comic books instead!

The tweet, which has since been deleted, set Twitter ablaze with fans questioning DC’s tact, especially at a time when #DoomsdayClock is trending — but for a different reason.

For those unfamiliar, outside of Watchmen sequels, "doomsday clock" refers to a representation of the likelihood of man-made global catastrophe — in other words, nuclear war (it has also reflected the increase in climate change since 2007). Today, the clock was changed to "two minutes to midnight," meaning according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board, we are now as close to the threat of nuclear devastation as we were in 1953, after the US tested its first thermonuclear device.

Who cares about all that, though? Wouldn’t you rather find out who the new Rorschach is?!


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