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Hearthstone: Changes to Ranked Play system coming in March 2018

Changes to the Ranked ladder system in Hearthstone are coming this March.

It’s not the huge overhaul to the Ranked ladder system that some veteran players were hoping for, but it’s a start; the March 2018 season will see the following modifications to the Ranked Play system of Hearthstone:

Most notable among the changes: At the start of each new season, players will only regress 4 ranks. (Previously, even Legend players would revert back to Rank 16: Questing Adventurer at the start of a new season, whereas now they’ll begin at Rank 4, making their grind back to the previous season’s achievement less time consuming and situated with players of their own skill level from the jump.)

The grind to the higher tiers on the Ranked ladder might be a lot easier come March.

Every rank now consists of 5-stars to advance through to the next one, (lower tiers like Rank 25-15 consisted of three to four previously) meaning players on the lower end of the ladder will derive a sense of progression more in line with those at the top.

Fans of cosmetic card backs, you’re also in luck: Monthly card backs only require 5 ranked wins to unlock.

Will these changes make the monthly Hearthstone grinds back to 10, 15 and 5 (or Legend) on the ladder more bearable? Sound off in the comments.


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