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Crashing S2 E3: “Bill Burr” recap and review

Bill Burr is absolutely hilarious in this episode, and he contributes to this being one of the best episodes of Crashing to date.

We pick up again this week almost immediately where we left off. Pete wakes up in a holding cell after being arrested at the end of the last episode. He’s free to go, so he leaves the jail and goes to grab breakfast with Artie. Pete asks Artie if he can crash on his couch for a few nights again, and Artie emphasizes that was a one time thing. He relents and then tells Pete to come see him at an event that evening and he’ll sort him out.

The event is a Q+A with Artie and Bill Burr. They talk a bit about political correctness and how a line shouldn’t have to be drawn when it comes to comedy and what’s acceptable as it’s an art form. I couldn’t agree more; people have become far too sensitive about anything and everything. Pete grabs dinner with Artie and Bill afterwards, and Bill is flabbergasted to learn that Pete is leaving with the guy who Pete’s ex-wife cheated on him with. Bill to Pete on him living with Lief: “How his toothbrush hasn’t been up your ass is a mystery. Please tell me you’ve done that. It could be good for you.” Great advice from Bill!

Artie Irish goodbyes while out on a “cigarette break” and Pete doesn’t know what to do. Bill begrudgingly lets Pete stay at his place as he can’t leave him out on the streets (“You look like you’d get stabbed in a Pizza Hut”). Bill tells Pete he needs some guy time so this will actually be a good thing having him up at the house for a few days. Pete isn’t exactly a guy’s guy, but Bill begs him to just treat it as an acting exercise or something. Pete attempting to talk sports is hilarious and cringeworthy.

Pete and Bill go to play golf the next day. They have a really fun time and joke back and forth. Pete has a funny joke about abortion that Bill really likes and asks if he can use it at his shows. Pete is stoked and says of course. Pete sees Bill at The Comedy Cellar that night and takes a video of him doing the joke. He posts it to Instagram and wakes up to see articles on the internet bashing Bill for the joke which they saw due to Pete’s video.

Pete freaks out that Bill is going to hate him. He’s with Bill in his man cave later on, and he admits to Bill that it was him after Bill is going on bashing whoever did it. He doesn’t get mad at Pete though, he realizes how bad Pete feels and he tells him it’ll blow over in a few days. He does tell Pete it’s time for him to go though, and Bill tells him he knows what he has to do. He has to tell off Lief and tell him how he really feels, rather than bottling everything up like he always does. Pete gets all worked up and leaves ready for a confrontation. He arrives at Lief’s front door, Lief opens it up, and Pete looks at him for a moment before saying…”Hey buddy” and the episode ends. Oh, Pete. He just doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.

What a hilarious episode. Bill Burr is such a funny guy. One of the perks of having a show about comedians is you get so many laughs with all the different encounters, and this episode with Bill may have been the best yet. I’m looking forward to seeing where next week takes us as this season really just keeps getting better and better.

Is it good?
Bill Burr is absolutely hilarious in this episode, and he contributes to this being one of the best episodes of Crashing to date.
Bill Burr is hysterical in this
More character development with Pete
So many good jokes and one-liners
I truly can't think of any

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