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Hearthstone: Upcoming balance changes include nerfs to Bonemare, Corridor Creeper and Patches the Pirate

Some of Hearthstone’s most dominant cards will see big changes in upcoming Patch 10.2.

Competitive Hearthstone fans already getting fatigued with the latest meta dominated by Bonemare, Corridor Creeper and Patches the Pirate, fret not — big changes are taking place in the upcoming Patch 10.2:

Bonemare, a staple card in Aggro decks sees its Mana cost increased to 8 (previously 7).

Corridor Creeper (which has ended up being one of the most broken cards in Hearthstone history) sees its attack disgraced from 5 to 2. The following limerick from deevee12 from Reddit perfectly summates what will surely be Creeper’s banishment from Standard constructed:

“🐛In the dungeon I go deeper🐛in set reviews I was a sleeper🐛when minions die I get cheaper🐛You guessed it right🐛I’m 3 attack weaker🐛”

A nerf many ladder players would deem long overdue, Patches the Pirate no longer has Charge. Blizzard states, “Patches’ strength has caused almost every class to add some Pirates just to benefit from him, and his early game power forces control decks to include a good answer to him. This change should give Wild players more flexibility when building their decks.”

The final change sees Highlander Priest-staple, Raza the Chained‘s battlecry now read, “If your deck has no duplicates, your Hero Power costs (1) this game.” Blizzard’s reasoning: “Adjusting his Battlecry will lower his overall power level when combined with Shadowreaper Anduin in Standard, and keep his power level reasonable in Wild as we prepare for the new Hearthstone Year.”

Did these meta-defining cards get the nerfs they deserved? Have they become unplayable as a result? Sound off in the comments.


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