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Rick and Morty #34 Review

The Life and Times of Krombopulos Michael!

Kyle Starks, Magdalene Visaggio
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The Rick and Morty comics have been a great way to see different sides of the characters in short 20 page issues. They don’t need to rely on a 30 minute premise but instead can explore little elements or, even better, throw in some fun cameos too. The latest issue out this week does just that with Krombopulos Michael taking center stage.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

The main story is written and drawn by fight-comic master Kyle Starks and the backup continues with part 3 of Magdalene Visaggio’s mind swapping story. Together these stories give us a slice of Rick and Morty and more!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

What a butt head.

Starks takes on a Krombopulos focused story taking the character from his early days of killing to his first meet up with Rick and finally where he ends up. Following his life journey is quite fun as it shows us a wet behind the ears, but excellent killer with an easy disposition grow in life and eventually form a relationship with a wonderful lady. Starks uses this character’s love of killing to full effect and his style of art suits the story nicely.

There’s also a major fan favorite character who pops up that everyone should see. Starks’ ability to draw action comes into play more than once too and he’s great at showing off Krombopulos’ fighting prowess. Choke up his story to another example of Rick and Morty showing us how the universe is cruel and unforgiving.

Visaggio’s story starts to get real very fast. I’m talking characters getting blasted. There’s an interesting concept of wave patterns and what makes us who we are all via a screaming Rick that suits the character and setting. This story concludes in the next issue and I’m curious how it all wraps up. Marc Ellerby draws this backup and he continues to impress with his perfect rendition of the characters.

There he is.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This keeps coming up for me, but is any of this in canon? I’d like to think so and it ultimately doesn’t matter when there are multiples of every character even in the show, but there’s some serious stuff that is revealed here that I so want to be real.

This wasn’t the funniest issues of the series by any means. I laughed once at a Sarlacc pit joke. For the most part, it’s just good storytelling.

Is It Good?

This is a must-read for Rick and Morty fans. I keep saying this, but I really mean it this time because we get to see fan favorite supporting characters in a new light. This series continues to tell great stories and will quench your thirst for the show.

Rick and Morty #34
Is it good?
An excellent issue. Must read!
This issue proves Krombopulos should have his own show
Tons of cameos from fan favorite characters
Great art throughout
Backup gets real, real fast
It's light on the laughs

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