Monkey paw!

As you might expect, there are SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Max Bemis thinks a lot about his stories. He’s always careful to find an angle to explore, while still honoring what’s already been told. Before his Moon Knight series began, he assured fans that he’d be embracing all of the character’s complicated history. Today, that includes reintroducing the Robin to Marc Spector’s Batman.

But Bemis isn’t just about digging up history. In Moon Knight #191, he’s moving the ball forward, with a development longtime readers might not be on board with, as least at first.

We’re not given many clues as to what’s happened to Frenchie. Is he a zombie? New villain the Sun King makes mention of an “army” to take down Moon Knight — is Frenchie the first to be conscripted in that war? Or can he be the strong adventurer Marc remembers him as?

Moon Knight #191 is on sale now.