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Nintendo is having a very good year – profits up 261% & Switch surpasses WiiU

Nintendo profits up 261%, Switch beats WiiU

It’s good to be a 129 year old Japanese gaming company in 2018. With a total company revenue of 4.44 billion U.S. – a 177% year over year rise, and an operating profit up 261% year over year, Nintendo is printing money right now.

If you’re interested in the actual full financial breakdown, you can read their just released financial report. It is in Japanese, but there’s an English language option in the body of the posting.

A great deal of this financial success comes from a very strong holiday season for the Mario makers – with over 7 million Switch console sales in Q4, putting the total for the year at 14.86 million sold.

In contrast? The WiiU – first released back in 2012 and finally put out of its misery in 2017 sold only 13 million consoles all together. 10 months vs. 5 years = jaw dropping.

Also adding to this total is a long list of successful first party games like Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, and the ongoing success of the Super NES Classic and various 3DS consoles and games.

Personally – a good chunk of my gaming purchases over the last 12 months have been for the House that Zelda built, so I totally understand their current success.

The question everyone is asking is can they keep this excitement and profit high until their next big name game, like Pokemon or Metroid, releases. If the current porting schedule stays as rabid as it is today – this could be a renaissance for Nintendo.






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