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Philadelphia Fusion to hold showcase tourney to fill their last empty roster spot

Could you be the hometown hero the Philadelphia Fusion needs?

The Philadelphia Fusion are one of the 12 franchise teams in Blizzard’s red hot self-founded eSport, Overwatch League. Today the Fusion have made a delightfully unexpected announcement that’s bound to have the entire greater Philly area buzzing with excitement. Well gamers from Philly anyway.

The Fusion will be giving one lucky Overwatch player the opportunity to join their team, through a showcase round robin tournament. The announcement came via the team’s official Twitter account.

It appears that the Philly based team have looked to local history and Disney for inspiration, taking a page out of the football film Invincible. The film follows Vince Papale, a Philadelphia native who was a walk-on try out (undrafted and no college experience) for the Philadelphia Eagles and went on to become an NFL pro and local hero. Maybe we’ll be watching a similar film one day about a walk-on Overwatch League player. Stranger things have happened.

The round robin showcase tournament will be held on February 17th at N3rd Street Gamers’ Localhost Arena, in Philly (duh) and will be streamed live on the Fusion Twitch channel. You must be at least 13 years old to participate, not on Blizzard’s naughty list and from the greater Philadelphia area.

Fusion staff and players will be onsite to observe the tournament, which will see players spilt into teams of six for best out of three matches. It’s important to note that winning does not equal success. Players are being observed on an individual case-by-case basis and not judged on whether or not their team wins.

At the end of the tournament one lucky person will receive a contract offer from Fusion University. If you’re from the greater Philadelphia area and think the contract is yours for the taking, then hurry up and register.


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