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Overwatch’s Year of the Dog Lunar New Year event begins next week

Let’s get ready to party with the Year of the Dog.

Last year Blizzard brought Overwatch a touch of Chinese culture with a lunar new year seasonal event, celebrating the Year of the Rooster. It looks like this may be a new yearly tradition, as the lunar new year event has returned and this year we celebrate the Year of the Dog.

Blizzard made the announcement last night through their official Overwatch Twitter account.

2017’s Year of the Rooster celebration was drawn from the Chinese zodiac, which in turn tells us 2018 is the Year of the Dog. Last year’s event brought new skins, emotes, sprays and Capture the Rooster, a team battle set on Lijiang Tower, which was a play on capture the flag.

There’s no word yet if Blizzard will be reintroducing the special game-mode for Year of the Dog. Personally I’m hoping they surprise us with a new game mode, but I’ll be glad to see a repeat of new skins, emotes and sprays.

As with last year Mei players are sure to be excited, as the character hails from China and the event is expected to heavily involve the cute but deadly hero. The Lunar New Year event Year of the Dog begins February 8th.


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