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Game of Thrones: Our favorite Daenerys Targaryen cosplays

These Daenerys Targaryen cosplayers look so much like the real thing they’ll have you saying ‘Khaleesi.’ Or something like that.

Love or hate her, we can all agree that Daenerys Targaryen has seen her fair share of triumphs and hardships. She’s been a slave, sold off and married to foreign warlords, fallen in love, conceived and lost a child, discovered and raised dragons, presided over conquered city-states and more; despite her trials and tribulations, Daenerys has remained strong and focused in her seemingly destined path to rule the Seven Kingdoms and that’s part of what’s made her so beloved among her fans, especially cosplayers.

Going into the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Stormborn figures to be an even more integral character than ever and in recognition of this, we’ve put together an assemblage of our favorite Dragon Queen cosplay offerings:

Velveteen Velours

Did she steal that costume from the Game of Thrones set? Because it’s astonishingly accurate.

Ilona Bugaeva

Those purple eyes, though. (Just like in the books.)

Unnamed Cosplayer

Couldn’t find her name, but loved the air of Targaryen confidence that she exudes. The hair could be a little more accurate, but it’s nice to see someone go for the Mereen look from Season 4, Episode 10.



We’ve featured Norwegian cosplayer Starbit’s awesome Daenerys cosplay in the past and we’re still every bit as impressed as the first time we saw her. Oh yeah, she recreated the stallion heart-eating scene.

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'If I look back, I'm lost' _______ Finally took some proper photos of wedding Dany, months after finishing it! Cosplay and photography by me, dress is entirely handsewn, made with 100% silk, armbands and neckstraps weaved over craft foam, and dragon brooch made with fimo clay 💜 This was one of my dream cosplays to make, and even though there are definite improvements to be made I'm still VERY happy with the result. I literally spent years finding the fabric for it 😂 _______ #daeneryscosplay #gameofthrones #daenerystargaryen #gotcosplay #cosplay #motherofdragons #khaleesi #khaleesicosplay (Inb4 anyone tells me to cosplay/says i would suit someone else beter, Dany is one of my all time favorites and I worked hard on THIS costume, please respect that 💜)

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Carli Bybel

Daenerys Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Most Fleeky Makeup Artist in the Seven Kingdoms.


Which Daenerys cosplayer is your favorite? Want to share a Daenerys cosplay of your own? Let us know in the comments.


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