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Geguri reportedly set to join Shanghai Dragons and become first woman in Overwatch League

Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon expected to be the first woman ever to join Overwatch League.

Three days ago we first reported that South Korean female gamer Geguri had dropped a massive hint towards her future in the Overwatch professional scene in the form of a clip she released on her Twitch account stating that she had accepted an offer to play with a foreign team outside of Korea. Based off the clip and other pieces of evidence, we had guessed that Geguri was headed to Overwatch League to become the first female player ever. Despite the heavy skepticism around the story, it turns out we were probably right.

ESPN is reporting that Geguri is set to join The Shanghai Dragons along with two other Korean players-Element Mystic tank captain Lee “Fearless” Eui-Seok and MVP Space flex Cheon “Ado” Ki-hyun. The report claims that multiple sources close to the players involved and the organization shared the information with A yet unnamed player from China is set to join the trio on the Dragons’ roster.

If there’s any team in the Overwatch League that could use a boost right now, it’s The Shanghai Dragons. Their debut in Overwatch has been frankly disastrous. As noted by, the team’s record isn’t pretty, “currently sitting last in the standings without a match victory thus far, accumulating a 4-33 map record and 0-8 match record “. Despite their rough start the team has a large following and several of the other teams within Overwatch League have come to their defense when the team has faced harsh criticism. People want to see The Shanghai Dragons succeed. They’re a very likeable group, who’ve shown a lot of heart and an earnest effort to overcome the challenges they’ve faced thus far.

Should ESPN’s sources prove to be on the mark, I hope the addition of three of the best Overwatch players in the world helps change Shanghai’s standings at the bottom of the rankings. If nothing else having the first female player ever in Overwatch League on their roster will certainly bring a lot more fans the Dragon’s way. Though even if Geguri, Fearless and Ado join the roster, things won’t necessarily be any easier. None of the Korean players speak mandarin at this time and learning a new language in addition to coordinating strategy with people you’ve never played Overwatch with is sure to be a massive challenge.

At this time there’s been no official comment on this report from Overwatch League, Geguri or The Shanghai Dragons.


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