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Iceman #10 Review

Bobby’s brawl with Daken reaches its conclusion.

With its last issue coming out next month, Iceman has been winding down. Issue #10 features the conclusion to Bobby’s battle with Daken, a major shift regarding his relationship with Judah, and major hints at what’s next to come. So, is it good?

Robert Gill serves as penciler for this issue, with help on some of the inks from Ed Tadeo. Gill’s page compositions are great, and among the best he’s delivered thus far. Whether it be a splash page, two-page-spread, or standard multi-paneled page, Gill effectively leads the reader’s eye across the action and constructs strong images from a variety of angles. When Gill and Tadeo deliver their most highly detailed work here, it’s very impressive. Colorist Rachelle Rosenberg also deserves praise for her work here; the colors change to match different scenes’ tones effectively, and they’re always pleasing to look at.

This issue is also solid writing-wise. Bobby has pivotal conversations with both Judah and Kitty Pryde, and the dialogue in both instances is well-crafted and rings true emotionally. The segments of the issue devoted to the Generation X kids’ battle in the Danger Room are also good, and take up just enough page-time to resolve that portion of the plot without detracting from the more important story beats. The very end of the issue hints at what’s to come for Bobby, and I’m excited by the prospects raised.

I really like the level of detail in this shot of Daken’s devastation.

With all that said, this issue has some flaws that prevent it from being as emotionally resonant as it could be. Plot-wise, the fight between Michaela and Zach takes up too much time and isn’t very entertaining. Bobby and Daken’s dialogue with each other also has some less solid moments. Visually, Gill’s level of detail throughout goes up and down dramatically. None of the pages ever look unfinished, but it’s very clear which sections Gill was able to devote more time to. It’s also a bit disappointing that Bobby didn’t use his powers in more unique or badass ways during the final showdown.

Overall, Iceman #10 is a good issue. It wraps up Bobby’s battle with Daken fairly satisfactorily, though I wish there had been more creative uses of Bobby’s powers. There are some great conversations between Bobby and Judah and Bobby and Kitty, and when the art is at its best, it’s very good. Unfortunately, there are several pages where Gill clearly didn’t have as much time to spend on detail, and some plot events took up more page-time than felt necessary. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this issue, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the series wraps up next month.

Iceman #10
Is it good?
Solid art and strong character moments make this an enjoyable issue, though it still has some major cons.
The coloration is good
When the line-art is at its best, it's impressively detailed
There are some touching character moments
Some of the dialogue in Bobby's battle with Daken doesn't work very well
Some scenes get a bit too little or too much page-time
The artwork is noticeably inconsistent in terms of the level of detail

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