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Unboxing/Review: Marvel Gear & Goods January 2018

We unbox the latest Marvel Gear & Goods loot crate.

Marvel Gear & Goods is one of Loot Crates best crates due to the higher quality (and sometimes larger) items. Plus if you’re a fanatic of all things Marvel it’s a no-brainer every month will have something you’ll want. Check out the full unboxing below to see what was in the January 2018 crate.

As you can see we were rather underwhelmed by the big-ticket item. The Black Panther bag is not only made with a cheap material, but it’s a rather slapdash themed bag with a tiny Black Panther logo and not much more to it. The Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto watch is pretty cool, but we aren’t sure what sort of use we’d get out of it. Then there is the pin, which once again features the cover of a comic (this time Ultimates #1) and along with that we got a code to download the digital comic.

The saving grace of this box is the rather cool book which highlights various vehicles from Marvel Comics. The book is well made and dense with information. We’ll definitely be giving this a read.

What do you think? Was the box worthy of the price tag? Sound off in the comments!

Marvel Gear & Goods January 2018
Is it good?
Not impressed! While the book is super cool the bag is thin and feels cheap.
The "Owner's Workshop Manual" is quite a cool book
The Doctor Strange watch is relatively well made and will go perfect with a Doctor Strange cosplay
The main item is rather cheap to the touch and we don't think it'll last very long. Plus it doesn't even sport much in the way of a Black Panther logo.
While cool I don't see much use for the Doctor Strange pocket watch.

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