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Crashing S2 E5: “Too Good” recap and review

Another solid episode this season with a ton of jokes and laughs.

“Too Good” begins with Pete handing out flyers outside The Boston. He sees The Lucas Brothers across the street walking into a pizza joint and he goes inside to speak to them. He asks if they’d like to come do a set at The Boston and they decline without hesitation. They tell Pete they’re into the “alternative” scene. They allude to the fact that he should do some alt shows instead of performing somewhere like The Boston.

Pete tells Jason he’d like to go to an alt show the following night and if someone can take over his shift at The Boston. Jason digs into the alt scene and tells Pete he can go, but clearly he takes offense to it.

The next day Pete heads to one of these alternative shows and he sees none other than Ali perform a set, which is very funny. He says hi to her afterwards and compliments her on the set. They get to chatting and she tells him how she’s still trying to tape herself and capture a great set, but that she’s not as natural when she knows the tape is on. Pete also apologizes for the other day, admitting he’s new to the whole dating/hooking up scene. Ali apologizes on her end too for how she handled things, and she actually invites Pete to come with her to her next show that day.

They head to the subway station and start telling jokes. Ali calls Pete’s jokes dad jokes, and tells him he gives off the “dorky dad at a barbecue” vibe. They learn some more about each other’s pasts. At the next alt show, Ali gets Pete a five minute set. He kills it and has what he calls the best set of his career so far. Lucky for him, Ali happened to leave her tape on after her set and got his too!

They head to the next show. John Mulaney shows up and Ali is stressed out because her set is getting bumped for him, so she may miss her last show of the night at Whiplash. Pete takes matters into his own hands and tries to ask Mulaney if he can swap with Ali. He tells him no as he has to get to another set too, but Pete doesn’t give up. Mulaney is not too kind to Pete after that, and as Ali finds out what Pete’s doing she pulls him aside and tells him he can’t do things like that. Pete feels dumb.

She has a fantastic set. She listens back to the tape…Pete’s laugh and constant expression of “too good!” ruins her recording. She gets annoyed and tells Pete she thinks they should call it for the night and part ways. The subway breaks down at this point. Of course. Pete asks her if he can try to make it all right and get her to her last show on time. She reluctantly accepts and he walks her to the back car of the subway, he pries open the door and they jump out, run down the tracks and out of the station down a number of blocks to the show. They get there JUST in time.

Pete gets the tape set up and she starts her set. Success. Flash to them back at her place hooking up after the show, and as Pete’s going down on her Ali says “too good, too good.” Hilarious.

This week’s episode definitely progressed the plot quite a bit. Ali saw a lot of development this week, as did Pete and Ali together in getting to know each other. Pete tried some alt shows and his comedy world is really opening up quite a bit more, as well as his world in general. Another solid episode this season with a ton of jokes and laughs. Can’t wait for next week.

Crashing S2E5: "Too Good"
Is it good?
Another solid episode with good character development for Pete and Ali as well as lots of actual stand up, aka lots of laughs.
Lots of character development for Pete and Ali
Lots of actual stand up in this episode
Any episode without Artie could benefit from some Artie

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