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Kill or Be Killed #16 Review

Brubaker and Phillips’ bestselling series keeps ratcheting up the tension!

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser
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So…maybe Dylan really is crazy? There’s got to be an explanation for the vigilante killings continuing while he’s locked up in a mental institution, right?

First Read Reactions

  • Yep, there’s an explanation. (He really might still be crazy, though).
  • Ugh. It can’t be easy explaining logical things to a psychiatrist when you’ve already admitting to hearing/seeing a demon.
  • Whatever meds they have Dylan taking are making this book all types of depressing right now…
  • …and shockingly introspective, even for him.
  • Ah, there’s the Dylan we all know and love.
  • Roommates are the worst.

The Verdict

Once again, Kill or Be Killed keeps finding ways to mold its fantastic premise into an even better narrative.

This time around, we get a brief yet poignant reminder that Dylan isn’t just a walking case study/plot device, but a tragically broken person. In addition to how his situation hurts those who love him, we take a deep dive into some mental territory that would be interesting (and possibly terrifying) for anyone to explore.

We also get a new story development that provides Phillips/Breitweiser a chance to cut loose some some balls-to-the-wall action sequences. This isn’t jus Michael Bay-level silliness, though–the explosive events occurring outside the mental institution walls end up leading to a last page cliffhanger that’s so good it’s almost cruel.

So yeah…just when I think I’m running out of ways to sing this series’ praises, Kill or Be Killed knocks one out of the park again. It’s a rare thing to find a series with this much juice after sixteen issues, but even rarer still for one to somehow keep getting better every month.

Kill or Be Killed #16 Review
Is it good?
Once again, Kill or Be Killed keeps finding ways to mold its fantastic premise into an even better narrative.
Dylan's time in the mental institution allows us a chance to take a deep dive into places even this very open/transparent character hadn't shown us before.
Outside the mental institution, Phillips/Breitweiser get to cut loose on some incredible/explosive action sequences.
The cliffhanger on the last page is so good it's almost cruel.
This book only comes out once a month.

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