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Paradiso #3 Review

Paradiso has just the right touch of science fiction to set it apart from other dystopian stories.

Ram V and Dev Pramanik, Dearbhla Kelly
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If you haven’t checked out Paradiso just yet, I highly suggest you run out and catch up on the story. Ram V has a lot going in his story and he continues to add layers. Paradiso #3 is no different than the first two issues. Just when you think you have the basic idea of what is going on, Ram throws in another variable to the story. It is just as entertaining as it is enthralling.

 Dave, what’s shaking in Paradiso this month?

There’s always something shaking in Paradiso. The place is constantly breathing and doesn’t appear to ever rest. Our protagonist Jack has been through a lot. He brokered a deal to get into Paradiso, only to be attacked and have the Pneumas, his tech toy that can revive dead technology, stolen from him. He wakes up and journeys deeper into the city, getting caught up in the Fog, which has the ability to project disturbing memories. He’s rescued by a guy named Vance, who is also a mystery, and brought smack dab into the middle of a bunch of chaos.

In Paradiso #3, we go a little deeper down the rabbit hole. Jack and Vance are being interrogated by a local tough guy as to what their motives are. Jack goes into his story but the tough guy isn’t believing what he is hearing. The situation becomes more intriguing as a lady named Karin shows up, The young scavvie escorts Jack and Vance deeper into Paradiso where they come across a floating factory that leads to even more questions. Let’s not forget that Jack is still being hunted down by a pair of unruly characters.

So Dave, is it good?

Yes, I continue to enjoy Paradiso. Ram V has created an incredible world of mystery. The characters are plentiful, but I wouldn’t mind if Ram paused for a minute to go more in depth with a select few. I would like to learn more about them and their past. His vision for the story overall is excellent. The vibe of the story is very intense, and the tension continues to mount. What will happen next? I look forward to finding out!

Dev Pramanik’s art is exquisite. Paradiso has a desolate feel to it and he captures the atmosphere perfectly. In this issue, The Hanging Bridge caught my eye. The bridge is suspended in the air and has a creepy look to it. The artwork is also gritty, none of the characters appear clean, and it just adds to the depth of the story.  Dearbhla Kelly’s colors are of a darker palette and feel just as grimy as the artwork. Visually, Paradiso #3 doesn’t disappoint and purely enhances Ram V’s tale.

Paradiso is definitely a book that I highly recommend you checking out. I know I have said in the past that dystopian type stories have worn on me. But this has a different look than your run-of-the-mill dystopian world. It has just the right touch of science fiction to set it apart from the rest. So when you hit up your local comic shop this week; grab a copy of Paradiso 3!

Paradiso #3 Review
Is it good?
Outstanding story that isn't one dimensional
Gorgeous artwork and colors that enhance the story
Tell me more about the suppporting characters!

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