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[WATCH] CW seed pilot, ‘Cupid’s Match’, live today

Get a look at CW’s latest show.

Love is in the air! Many of you are probably delivering sweet confections or fragrant flowers to your loved ones this Valentines day or maybe there is a big date night planned. If you are looking for a low key approach perhaps you may want to cook dinner (ahem…order takeout) and snuggle up to watch the new CW Seed show Cupid’s Match.

Written by Lauren Palphreyman, Cupid’s Match quickly became one of the most viral stories from Wattpad in 2017, garnering over 35 million reads online. The pilot stars General Hospital’s Robert Palmer Watkins, along with Michel Janse and Dane Oliver.

Cupid’s Match tells the story of Lila Black, a 17-year-old high school student who finds herself in a supernatural world of romance, adventure, and betrayal when the mysterious Cupid’s Matchmaking Service contacts her to let her know she’s been matched with the one and only Cupid, which is in fact not a good thing.

In the true CW formula this show is packed with gorgeous men and women. So rip off that candy box wrapper and settle in for some Cupid antics. Watch the first 9 minutes of the CW Seed’s new show Cupid’s Match here.

From the CW press release:

Lila discovers there is a whole secret organization of cupids, and their #1 rule is they can never be matched up with anyone. The fact that the original Cupid has been matched up is unprecedented, and legends say that very bad things will happen if Lila falls for Cupid… who of course is quite irresistible.

Soon there is a chaotic frenzy as everyone around Lila and Cupid works to try and understand how this match happened and how they can stop it! Enemies assemble, mythical arrows fly, and an evil Goddess is awakened.


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