You must MINE to BE MINE!

Move over Zales. Take a hike, Jared. On this holiest of all Hallmark holidays, TROO geeks give the gift of Infinity Gems — and make their significant others did to get at them.

In what has to be a repurposed fossil discovery kit, Grin Studios produces something called the “Infinity Gem Dig-It!” in which those brave enough to crack the outer casing will find either a boring old hero token (womp womp) or one of five gems. The Soul Gem comes in a deluxe pack featuring the Infinity Gauntlet itself, ready to hold the fruits of your labors.

The Dig-It! kit comes with one prize-containing block of gritty matrix, a brush to polish off your find (told you it was a fossil kit), and a hammer and chisel to chip away detritus. The hammer, of course, is actually a Mjolnir replica. What better way to tell your love they are, indeed, Worthy?