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Weekly Wolverine Watch 4: Avengers #680 & Marvel 2-in-One #3

Maybe he should just stay in one place. That’s what they tell kids to do when they get lost in the mall.

Two installments of Wolverine serendipitously showing up in random books in one week?! Count your lucky stars and continue following Logan on his long, strange trip.

I’m going to spoil the entire page from Avengers #680, because it’s the biggest nothing burger to come from this yet.

Proof that ghosts still need to take the stairs? What if they don’t have feet? Couldn’t the space gem have zapped him just a little higher up, into that plane, maybe?

After getting his cardio in, Wolverine apparently decided to picnic in Marvel 2-in-One #3. Yes, he clearly has no interest in finding the Thing and the Human Torch, but Hydro-Man finds him.

What??? The guy’s made of water. To paraphrase your old nemesis, what are you going to do — scratch him with your claws?

With the two most baffling Wolverine “post-credits scenes” yet dropping the same day, are you any more or less excited for the four new mini-series announced yesterday? Why do they have to find him when he’s always a step behind? Just turn around!

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