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Both ‘Justice League’ post credit scenes released online

Flash races Superman and Lex Luthor meets with a deadly business associate in these post-credit scenes from Justice League, recently released on home and digital formats.

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Warning: Spoilers for Justice League post-credit scenes ahead.

Justice League recently became available on Blu-ray/DVD and digital formats and that can mean only one thing: no, not the elusive Zack Snyder Cut footage but something equally as alluring to those fans who didn’t stick around after the film’s closing scene — the post-credit scenes.

They feature a friendly race between Flash and Superman (the outcome of which, 9 out of 10 times, you should be able to predict if you’re a fan of the comics) that’s downright iconic looking no matter how you slice it:

And a meeting between Lex Luthor and a very deadly business associate:

Legion of Doom, maybe?

Justice League is now available on digital and Blu-ray formats.


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