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Unboxing/Review Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Ghost Rider with Flame Cycle

A new Ghost Rider rides in on his very own motorcycle from Marvel Legends.

Hasbro and Avengers
Price: $39.20
Was: $39.99

We gave you a heads up just last week and now it’s here. The Marvel Legends Ghost Rider with Flame Cycle which was originally revealed at SDCC 2017 and can now be found via some stores, preorder and eBay if you look closely. This figure comes in a large box with impressive photography on the back and a big window to display the motorcycle. It’s frankly surprising how big of a box this comes in. That said, Hasbro, and really any toy manufacturer hasn’t come out with a true Ghost Rider motorcycle like this.

Take a look at our unboxing and snap judgment review below to see more.

As you can see this is quite an impressive vehicle. Given the MSRP is roughly around $50 we’d say the motorcycle is worth $30. Not only does it come with a plethora of flames, but also two different looks for the front. The kickstand allows it to stand without the aid of Ghost Rider and there’s plenty of detail in the paint and motor. We couldn’t figure how to get the front flames on in the video, but they snap in strongly once you find where the peg holes go. In fact, the pegs that plug into the flames are well hidden and look like part of the bike. Nice touch!

Ghost Rider is the same mold as the 2015 Rhino BAF figure (and consequently really hard to find!) but with blue instead of grey and the skull is more realistic looking. He also comes with a sweet flame chain that is quite cool with some flame effects of its own. Overall we really dig this toy and when compared to the Hot Toys Ghost Rider and FUNKO Ghost Rider toys is a really nice addition as it’s different and just as impressive in its own way.

Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Ghost Rider with Flame Cycle
Is it good?
The translucent flames are fantastic throughout the bike, Ghost Rider's head, and the chain
The Ghost Rider head is fantastic with a realistic look that suits the classic Johnny Blaze look
Bike is well proportioned to the figure and all around impressive
The flames on the front aren't the easiest to add to the bike
Ghost Rider could use a chain around his chest!
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