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[GALLERY] It’s Pickle Rick!!! And some unique DC collectibles, at the Cryptozoic booth of NY Toy Fair 2018

Or is that Solenya?

Cryptozoic Entertainment knows how to get the most out of a license. Prior to this weekend’s NY Toy Fair, the company announced another tweak on its DC Comics Deck Building game, a standalone New 52 version that will introduce moving meeples, and a Teen Titans Crisis Expansion Pack.

We also knew about two more Rick and Morty board games, an engine-building game based on the “Ricks Must be Crazy” episode, and a “Rickshank Redemption” deck building game. Just before Toy Fair, news broke that, yes, there would also be a Pickle Rick miniature movement game, in which our hero tries to escape Jaguar and the security forces. See the gallery below for the first look at that game’s packaging. Don’t ask why, just be impressed.

Also, check out all the new/weird DC collectibles. Mug shot busts! Character hands! An angry Superman tiki-type thing! The Ricks MUST be crazy!


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