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Wanna see Eternity from the Avengers Infinity Heroclix set? Here he is.

Just as cool as you imagined.

Players of Heroclix, the collectible miniature battling game, were taken aback when it was announced the Avengers Infinity expansion set, due out in May, would include supremely powerful, cosmic beings like Eternity and the Living Tribunal. What would they look like? Thanks to NY Toy Fair, we now have one answer.

Several never before seen sculpts were tucked away in a corner of the Wizkids booth this weekend, including the embodiment of everything there is. No dials were present on the figures, but man, it just looks cool, doesn’t it?

And check out one of the promised vehicles, a SHIELD flying car, too!

Plus fan favorites like Monica Rambeau, now known as Spectrum, once known as Captain Marvel, here — Photon!


AiPT! was also able to get a close look at the Avengers Infinity Fast Forces set and Dice and Token pack, plus the first appearances of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Unplugged, 8-bit style sculpts! Check out the gallery below!


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