DC Metal ties into ‘Batman: The Signal’ #2 in a surprising way.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Although it said, “From the pages of Metal” on the cover of Batman: The Signal #1 — the first issue didn’t really tie-in at all. Today’s second issue, however, ties in very clearly and it’s a surprising twist. In a brief scene midway through issue #2, Duke asks GCPD detective Aisi to trust him after she uncovers a mysterious object in the body of a superpowered victim.

After looking close he realizes it has familiar properties to a certain metal that’s been driving DC Comics’ big Dark Nights: Metal event.

Let’s put this in perspective. These super-powered folks seem to gain more abilities when around Duke and they just so happen to be harboring Nth metal inside them. Which leads to believe Duke and his powers are somehow connected to the mysteries behind Nth metal. Interesting indeed.

You can buy Batman: The Signal #2 digitally today.