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CM Punk is All In………on the Chicago Cubs

Not quite the “in” we’re looking for, Punk.

Ever since his sudden departure from WWE in early 2014, wrestling fans have been fantasy booking the return of CM Punk, whether it’s in WWE or not. So when Bullet Club members Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks began planning a 10,000 seat arena show for sometime this year, it was only natural that everybody’s minds ran wild with scenarios involving Cult of Personality hitting the still-unnamed arena’s PA system.

Both CM Punk and the Young Bucks know desire to see the Best in the World back in the squared circle has never wavered — in fact, it’s something the Young Bucks revel in, trolling fans online from time to time with teases of the very prospect. Punk, for his part, is far more restrained in that regard, rarely mentioning pro wrestling at all since his infamous departure. So when CM Punk mentioned that he’s "in" on Twitter — "All In" being the unofficial name of the upcoming indie mega-show — the internet was poised to break.

God dammit, Punk. That’s not the right "in" and you know it!

Only time will tell if Punk will actually be at the show, though it is unlikely given that UFC president Dana White has recently stated Punk will be given another fight at some point in the future. But it’s fun to think about, right?


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