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Eurekids! — Three of the best science toys from NY Toy Fair 2018

From milk to microscopes!

The big news from NY Toy Fair usually has to do with Lego, Hasbro or one of the other big market, franchise toy-makers. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the less-heralded gems around the conference floor.

As Science Editor for AiPT! Comics, I always have my eye out for fun books or activities that can get kids interested in the scientific process. Here are three of the best booths I saw at Toy Fair this year.

Science Wiz

The books on myriad different subjects caught my attention first, but then they showed me how to turn your smart phone into a microscope. Clips the device right on, and you get an instant image of what the microscope’s detecting! Use already made slides, or prepare your own! It’s super portable and affordable, making something just about every kid should have.

Griddly Games

Calling back more to the Mr. Wizard days, Griddly’s best known for their “Just Add” activities, like “Just Add Milk,” a kit which provides multiple experiments and chemical reactions that only need a little milk to get going. They’re now expanding, adding the “Rocket Lander” math strategy game, and more.


Somewhere in-between is the SmartLab series from the Quarto group. The fine folks of these booth wowed you with their spinning vortex toys before introducing the tiniest miniature pipettes and other experimental tools you could ever hope to see. And the squishy human body is just too cool.

At AiPT! Science, we’re always searching for fun books and activities for kids. Looking for that perfect gift that educates while it entertains? Eureka, you have found it!


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