Including “Alternate Opening.”

As the April 9th home video release date for Star Wars: The Last Jedi looms closer, some information on the release is starting to trickle in. A full listing of the deleted scenes that will be contained in the release have been leaked. Let the rampant speculation begin!

  • Alternate Opening
  • Paige’s Gun Jams
  • Luke Has a Moment
  • Poe: Not Much of a Sewer
  • It’s Kind of Weird That You Recorded That
  • The Caretaker Sizes Up Rey
  • Caretaker Village Sequence
  • Extended Fathier Chase
  • Mega Destroyer Incursion – Extended Version
  • Rose Bites the Hand That Taunts Her
  • Phasma Squealed Like a Whoop Hog
  • Rose & Finn Go To Where They Belong
  • Rey & Chewie in the Falcon
  • The Costumes and Creatures of Canto Bight

Alternate opening, eh? I’m listening…

Some of these sound like they could be very interesting, while some sound pretty damn funny. We’ll have to wait until April 9th to see for ourselves, though.