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Batman #42: Bat and Cat under house arrest courtesy of Superman

Bat and Cat are under house arrest in Batman #42. And you won’t believe who their babysitter is. (Scientists hate him!)

Warning: Mild spoilers for Batman #41 and #42.

It’s a problem that all couples have to face eventually. Superhero couples, anyway. You know, being restricted to the confines of one’s own home while a supervillain hellbent on a worldwide purge runs rampant. It’s the situation Bat and Cat face in the upcoming Batman #42, after it was revealed in Batman #41 that Poison Ivy had sown her seeds of mind-controlling influence across the globe, extending her dominion over everything and everyone — except for Batman and Catwoman.

A recent tweet by series writer Tom King reveals that Ivy isn’t taking any chances on letting Bat and Cat interfere with her plans either if her choice of babysitter/jailer is any indication:

True, Batman has figured out ways to circumvent the Last Son of Krypton before, one also under Poison Ivy’s mind control (the 2002-03 Hush storyline):

But King isn’t one to retread old storylines without adding his own nuances to the mix. And something tells us Batman doesn’t have any Kryptonite rings laying around thanks to his current, prep-time-less circumstances. Given that Rebirth Catwoman has been more integral to Batman’s narrative than ever before (see Batman #35 or Batman Annual #2 for more proof), could we be seeing something like this take place instead?

Batman #42, the second installment of “Everyone Loves Ivy,” hits shelves on March 7th.


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