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First Look: Blizzard’s new Widowmaker Sigma collectible

Bendy, deadly and super cool.

One of Blizzard’s most iconic heroes joins the Figma family with a super cool new collectible. Check out the official announcement via Blizzard’s Overwatch Twitter account.

Widowmaker’s new Figma collectible is available for pre-order at $80 and is set to release sometime by the end of 2018. Orders are limited to ten per customer and the collectible isn’t eligible for special offers or promotions. You can put your pre-order in at the Blizzard Gear store.

Our favorite lady sniper comes equipped with her Widow’s Kiss sniper rifle, grappling hook and venom mine. There’s even a wire and alternative left arm that can be swapped out to set her up in a grappling action pose. Widowmaker sports both her standard face plate as well as a closed aiming face plate for when she’s looking through her scope.

There’s an articulated Figma stand included to allow for various exciting poses. Widowmaker herself is very flexible and was created with a special flexible plastic that doesn’t compromise proportions. The figure stands at 160mm height, which is just over six inches.

Genji and Tracer Figma collectibles are also available from the Blizzard Gear store. Genji is still in pre-order status, while Tracer is available for shipping now.


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