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Booster Gold makes a life changing decision in Action Comics #998

Booster Gold breaks a big rule.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Action Comics #998 ends the six-part “Booster Shot” storyline which had Booster Gold and Superman traveling through time to get answers about Superman’s father. If you read Action Comics #997 you know Lois Lane and Superman’s son Jon are dead. Booster Gold finds this out near the end of issue #998 and moves to fix things best he can.

Since Booster Gold stole the time machine I assume he’s already in trouble, but bringing people back to life who are meant to be dead is probably a much bigger deal. We’ll see if his actions in this issue will be brought up in Action Comics 1000 April 19th.

You can buy Action Comics #998 digitally today.


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Comic Books

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Comic Books

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