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The Flash #41 Review

Barry Allen has lost his powers!

Joshua Williamson
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The Flash #41 is part 3 of “Perfect Storm,” the final arc before “Flash War” starts in May. Within the arc Barry has to team up with Kid Flash (Wally West II,) The Flash of China (Avery) and The Flash (Wally West) in order to stop Grodd and his minions of Negative Flash, Raijin and Multiplex from stealing the speed of Central City for Grodd. However, the reason isn’t as clear-cut as one would think — Grodd is dying and the speed force may be one of the only things to save him from dying, however that wouldn’t be the end as he’s been craving the extra-dimensional power for a very long time and allowing him access would mean bad things for the world. So a now-powerless Barry must work with the Flash family in order to stop his nefarious plan.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“PERFECT STORM” part three! The Flash has lost what he prizes most of all and must call in an old ally to protect Central City while he sets out to get it back…Wally West! But with a new Flash protecting his city, will Barry be willing to cross lines he never crossed before?

Tell me about it!

This issue shows us something that hasn’t been done with the character since his creation: a Barry Allen who doesn’t have a connection with his speed. This issue shows a broken man who has lost what he considers a defining part of his life and his struggle to accept that a piece of him is lost. It’s dragging him to do something drastic in order to regain that piece of himself, something that may end up with him causing a crisis that the rest of his group are trying to prevent. Barry is shown trying to be optimistic, but he’s broken over how he no longer has his powers.

On the flip side, there’s the optimistic Wally West, who despite being forgotten by the world, almost getting lost in the speed force and dying twice in the past two years, continues to be incredibly polite and kind to everyone, willing to help whenever he can. He gives a quick smile and friendly comment to the many people he saves from being within Central City while also talking about how much he knows the city and the people within, continuing to show how Wally is truly cemented within the twin cities and its people. Meanwhile both Avery and Wally II continue the trend of optimism with how they’re willing to help Barry as long as it doesn’t potentially bring more harm to the city and help Grodd. They also try and see that there’s a good side within Meena, aka Negative Flash, and plan to appeal through to her.

Joshua Williamson writes another good issue of The Flash — it does feel severely decompressed, but it’s full of character moments and delves into the psychology of a powerless Barry who has lost one of the things that means most to him. Carlos D’Anda draws a spectacular issue with only minor flaws in the artwork. The Flash #41 continues an intriguing storyline of a man who has lost his defining trait and his dark path to try and regain it.

The Flash #41
Is it good?
The Flash #41 continues an intriguing storyline of a man who has lost his defining trait and his dark path to try and regain it.
Williamson's writing continues to be interesting on a Flash who has lost what he considers the biggest part of him.
D'Anda's art continues to look great fits the book perfectly.
Wally talking about the city was a highlight as it's a light side of the character that's been missing while he's been stuck in Titans.
Sometimes the faces aren't the best, however that doesn't take too much away from the book.
Some people obviously won't like Barry losing his speedforce connection.

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