Better late than never?

Even in its sixth year of production, Upper Deck’s massively popular deckbuilding card game based on the Marvel Universe, Legendary, shows no signs of slowing down. The publisher is expected to announce the name and theme of their customary summer “big box” expansion at next week’s GAMA Trade Show, but Upper Deck representative William Sobel couldn’t help but torture tease the the fanatical denizens of the BoardGameGeek community with tidbits of new information, before making the final reveal today.

We first learned that the ultra-powerful Sentry would be making his debut appearance in Legendary, but it’s unclear whether that will be as a playable Hero, a Villain or even as a conniving Mastermind. When asked about this in person, Sobel laughed out loud, leading many to believe something unusual may be up here.

Next came a character that Sobel said had been in the game before, though some have wanted a different version. The second reveal turned out to be Black Bolt, who was a playable Hero in the big box Secret Wars expansion, but with an Illuminati team affiliation, rather than the Inhumans one that many desired. Well, we still might not get that, because …

… the final revealed character was She-Hulk, which led Sobel to finally spill the beans, admitting that the correct guess had always been on page 1 on the massive message thread.

My guess is Planet Hulk/World War Hulk.

At the time of publication, Sobel had not clarified WHICH story will provide the title for this June’s expansion [EDIT: It has been confirmed as “World War Hulk”], but this alone comes as a shock to those who expected an Infinity or Avengers-related box to coincide with May’s Infinity War movie. But at least they’re finally capitalizing on Thor: Ragnarok!

Here’s what else we know about Legendary‘s next expansion, due out in June:

— Exactly 400 new cards (presumably with all-new artwork)
— A new team affiliation (could it be Warbound? Will Black Bolt actually be part of an Illuminati Villain group?)

Stay tuned for more news out of GAMA as it happens. All images — inks by Cliff Richards, colors by Leonardo Paciarotti; additional colors on She-Hulk by Cam Adams.