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Amazing Spider-Man #797 spoilers: the Green Goblin has never been so dangerous

Spidey is in grave danger!

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

There has been plenty of hype surrounding Norman Osborn’s inclusion in Dan Slott’s last Spider-Man story. If you’ve been reading Amazing Spider-Man you also know Norman has acquired Carnage’s Symbiote, not only giving him his Green Goblin powers back but a whole lot more. Instead of rushing in, however, he’s been plotting to put Spider-Man down for good.

The entire issue leads to the big reveal of how he’ll get his edge on Spider-Man. See for yourself.

Yep, Peter Parker’s identity is now in the hands of a homicidal killer with incredible power. It’s all leading towards issue #800 out May 30th. Read our full review of Amazing Spider-Man #797 here.

You can read Amazing Spider-Man #797 digitally today.


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