Spidey is in grave danger!

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

There has been plenty of hype surrounding Norman Osborn’s inclusion in Dan Slott’s last Spider-Man story. If you’ve been reading Amazing Spider-Man you also know Norman has acquired Carnage’s Symbiote, not only giving him his Green Goblin powers back but a whole lot more. Instead of rushing in, however, he’s been plotting to put Spider-Man down for good.

The entire issue leads to the big reveal of how he’ll get his edge on Spider-Man. See for yourself.

Yep, Peter Parker’s identity is now in the hands of a homicidal killer with incredible power. It’s all leading towards issue #800 out May 30th. Read our full review of Amazing Spider-Man #797 here.

You can read Amazing Spider-Man #797 digitally today.