Hearthstone’s newest expansion gets an announcement before the month of March is over.

It’s the announcement… of the announcement. It started when game designer Dave Kosak tweeted that he’d be going on a camping trip to “get his creative Hearthstone juices flowing:”

And then game director Ben Brode responded with this:

Blizzard has been fairly consistent with their Hearthstone expansion release dates (a triad of the months of December, August and April) so March is month where the first new expansion usually sees its announcement. Over/under on if we’ll get the announcement before St. Patrick’s Day?

What will the theme for the first new Hearthstone expansion in the Year of the Raven be? Check out some likely possibilities in our expansion theme speculation piece.

Update: Hearthstone‘s new expansion, “The Witchwood,” has been announced. Click the link for more info.