Me am that kind of Orc!

After decades on Azeroth, it seems that Orcs have finally discovered the world of chiropractic rehabilitation. Blizzard had previously announced upright Orcs were coming, and the latest Battle For Azeroth build has delivered.

Mag’har Orcs, an upcoming Allied Race for the Horde, will all be upright, but good old fashioned greenskin Orcs ala Thrall will get the option to stand up loud and proud for the first time as well. Here’s a preview of the animation, courtesy of Wowhead:

This has been a long time coming, and is one of the most requested cosmetic changes to any race currently in the game. As someone who doesn’t personally play Orcs all that often, I must say this makes me see them in a new light. My Orc Death Knight will be visiting the barber shop (which has in recent years also become a tattoo parlor, piercing station, and plastic surgeon) as soon as possible.