The Valiant universe makes it to the big screen.

Vin Diesel and Sony Pictures have agreed to a deal that will see Diesel star in the studios’ upcoming adaptation of Bloodshot, according to Deadline. Bloodshot will be the first live-action movie based on a Valiant Comics series. Its script will be written by Oscar winner Eric Heisserer, and will reportedly be in the vein of 1980s action classics like Robocop and Terminator.

Bloodshot is a series about the titular character, a former soldier with regenerative powers thanks to military-installed nano-computers in his bloodstream. His memory has been wiped and he has made it his mission to figure out what happened to him and exact vengeance.

Amusingly, this will be Vin Diesel’s second role in a comics-based movie, as he provides the voice for Groot in Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

No information has been given regarding when the studio is looking to release the movie. More information will be given as it becomes available.